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Why is Computing Important for 21st-Century Children?

As the world goes through a lockdown, one thing that hasn’t been disrupted, but has actually become more valuable than ever, is the Internet. This boulder of boredom falls a bit harder on parents as they take care of not only their own but their kid/s’ boredom too. If you are one such parent, you’re about to be introduced to a cutting-edge solution to your problem.

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A Teacher’s Journey with RoboBrain

Through practical and contextual lessons children will be able to gain new information and fully understand concepts thus enabling them to interact and explore in their own way. They are provided with advanced technology and excellent resources to support them in understanding these fundamental skills.

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What is Computational Thinking?

Computational thinking is the step that comes before programming. It’s the process of breaking down a problem into simple enough steps that even a computer would understand. We all know that computers take instructions very literally, sometimes to comic results. If we don’t provide computers with instructions that are precise and detailed, your algorithm might forget vital actions that most people take for granted.

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The Story Behind RoboBrain

Being a father to two, curious, school aged boys, and also being co-founder of a company specialising in AI and Data Science, I am very interested in my children learning more about technology and programming, but have struggled to find suitable technology courses here in London.

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