World Robot Olympiad 2024

Dates of WRO UK tournaments and Final is to come in Feb 2024.

WRO UK Develop Skills

Develop Problem Solving and Personal Skills

Students develop and demonstrate their ability to solve problems while solidifying their personal skills in the WRO competition under the guidance of their team coach.

Exposure to National and International Students' Robotics Communities

Gain experience and get inspired through the opportunity to compete with UK’s young robotics talents, and the international contestants in the WRO International Finals!

WRO UK International Exposure
WROUK Collaboration

Collaborate and Get Creative

Allow children to collaborate and get creative, building their dream robot while learning the fundamentals of computer science and robotics.

New to the WRO? We have hosted a WRO Explainer Webinar that covers everything you would need to know to get started! From how the World Robot Olympiad (WRO) works, the regional competitions, the National Finals to the International Finals with a step-by-step guide on what your robot would need to accomplish in the RoboMission.

WRO 2024 Season Rules


Register for the WRO 2024 Season

Once you have registered, you will be able to participate in the World Robot Olympiad 2024, the UK competitions. 

Early Bird Price ends on 28 Feb, 2024, 00:00

World Robot Olympiad United Kingdom 2024 Terms and Conditions

Join the UK Challenge

The WRO UK Challenge is a UK event that invites guest teams from all around the world to join the British teams, to collaborate, compete and celebrate our shared passion for robotics.

As a UK team that has already signed up for the WRO UK Final, you will automatically be admitted to the UK Challenge competition for free. We highly recommend that you take advantage of this opportunity and use it as a practice run for the WRO UK Final competition.